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Board of Directors

You’ve probably heard, “Many hands make for light work” – whoever said that would have been a great volunteer for this group, as that’s our philosophy.  Here you’ll find a list of current volunteers and the description of the roles they help with.  Each volunteer would welcome your stepping up to help out if you’d care to participate as well, so feel free to reach out and contribute!  

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Brian Bent

SIG Coordinator/Chair 

  • Lead Direction of SIG
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Schedule Leader Meetings / Publish Meeting Minutes
  • Coordinate and Assist Volunteers

Position Description

SIG Coordinator
The SIG Coordinator will function as the Chairperson for this group and as such is an important representative of the group as well as the OAUG. This role will lead the direction of the Hyperion SIG, recruit the leadership team, schedule the Hyperion SIG Board conference calls, produce an agenda for all the Hyperion SIG Board conference calls, publish meeting minutes, coordinate and assist all the volunteers. The SIG Coordinator will also serve as the facilitator of the Hyperion SIG meetings at Conferences or delegate this role to another member if the SIG Coordinator cannot attend.


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#OAUG elects 2018 board of directors. https://t.co/vZkap95LRl

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Tony Scalese

@OAUG1 I submitted a presentation but I am not sure if it went through. How can I check my list of presentations submitted?

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🕯️ 🕯️ Enlighten us! https://t.co/HR4XnF68cX @oracleugs

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